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2015 Planning Day Group Photo

Planning Day



Planning Day is a day-long planning session that brings our citizens together for collective brainstorming and goal-setting centered around community health and wellness concerns. Through collaboration and brainstorming, participants identify and then adopt at least two initiatives each year. Groups are formed to shepherd those initiatives to success in the coming year. Each initiative group receives start up funds as well as support from the Sitka Health Summit. Since the first Planning Day in 2007, community members have chosen more than 30 initiatives, the vast majority of which have been highly successful and have transformed the health and wellness landscape of our community. Learn more about them here!


Planning Day is a shining example of transformative community engagement. But, this kind of local, grass-roots change is only as effective as the people involved. Whether you have an idea for enhancing community health and wellness, or you simply want to be inspired by the process and by your fellow citizens, we need you! Take a look at the initiatives that have come out of past Planning Days, learn more about other Sitka Health Summit programs, and get involved.  

Initiatives Timeline 

“It’s an amazing thing to watch our Health Summit democracy in action. At the end of Planning Day, our town has concrete goals that match our community’s needs, interests and opportunities. Those goals hit the mark because we have a good process that taps into the intelligence of the group. People are smart and groups of people can be brilliant.”  

- Doug Osborne, Sitka Community Hospital representative on the Coalition Steering Committee

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